What is "Journey?"

The name is used to illustrate the fact that every woman has been on a different journey in their life; a certain series of events and
circumstances that have molded them in to who they are today.

Some women have walked harder paths and endured rougher terrain than others and those are the women I aim to reach. The women that
are now weary and down trodden; the women that feel useless and broken and want to give up....
those are the women that weigh heavy on my heart.

I have walked in their shoes. I have experienced pain and loss and depression and felt that same sense of worthlessness;
I've wanted to give up, to end it all. I once felt like I served no purpose here on earth and was a mistake.
Because of God, however, I now stand here today a restored woman.
My wounds have healed and the scars are merely reminders of what made me who I am.
God brought me through the darkness and out the other side; He has blessed me beyond measure and
filled my soul with joy and now it is time for me to share my story with others.
What does the Journey ministry do?

I reach women through "Journey" seminars. These can be big or small, held at a church, conference,
luncheon, retreat, women's meeting...literally anywhere.

The presentation consists of:

*A 30 minute comedy act followed by

*My detailed testimony (which can be found
*A message pin pointing the many promises of the bible and scriptures
regarding healing, God's plan, verses of encouragement and hope.

(A slide show is included when the venue's audio/visual
equipment allows one)

*(Optional) Singer that performs 3 songs (The venue chooses whether
they prefer traditional or contemporary music)

*The Gospel is shared in the hopes that at least one soul was touched
enough to accept Christ in to her life.

*Handout/Takeaway notes (that include the verses used during the
What can I expect to get out of a Journey seminar?

Journey seminars are a way to relate to women on a real and raw level. A place where topics often only whispered about and are
considered taboo are openly discussed in a healthy way; shattering the silence and revealing how God is mightier than our circumstances.

The events aren't flashy, there is no dress code. Come as you are. They are meant to serve as a judgement free zone where Christians and non
Christians alike can hear the word of God and a first hand account of how He worked in one woman's life in a mighty way.

Women will receive an incredibly uplifting message of hope and deliverance that empowers them and serves as a reminder
that no one is too "broken" for God to use.

Women that may have forgotten (or may have never known) to trust that our God is bigger than anything we could ever comprehend and is
waiting anxiously for us to call on Him so that He may rescue us, are reminded of His power.

His grace and mercy are exemplified and therefore hopefully, each woman leaves with a restored faith, refreshed spirit and
if it is their first time to ever hear the Gospel, hopefully also with the gift of salvation.

How do I host a Journey seminar? What is the price?

Contact me at bookingmtc@yahoo.com or at 1-888-639-6029 for further details.