The perfect addition to any breast cancer event; Ha Ha's for Ta Ta's presentations are as informative as they are hilarious!

Consists of:
*Standup performance
*An educational portion on the importance of self exams and early detection
*Short demonstration on how to perform a self exam
*Survivor testimonies

Duration: 45 minutes

Emphasis on:
Humor relatable to women
Women's health
To read the full story that the presentation is
based on,
click here.
*The full story includes some details that the presentation does not.
In this unbelievably moving testimony, Michelle recounts the story of losing her infant daughter in September of 2014 and how God
worked in mighty ways during her darkest days.
From start to finish, the details of her daughter's life and story are nothing short of miraculous and proof that God never leaves or fails us.
By the end, audiences are left both in tears and in awe of this example of God's faithfulness and undying love for us, his children.

Consists of:

*Discussion with optional handout for groups that includes a list of the verses mentioned in the presentation
*Brief video

Duration: 45 minutes

Emphasis on:
Faith, Christianity and grief.
"Diary of a Stay at home momic"

An inside look at the life of a stay at home mom and standup comedian. Michelle's hilarious perspective on motherhood will strike a
cord with moms everywhere!
It's not hard to find the humor in every day life as a mom, especially when it is literally your job to do so! From playdates and Target
meltdowns to mommy groups and "mom-petition" Michelle details how she is able to stay (somewhat) sane by not putting too much
pressure on herself and encourages other moms to do the same.
So your neighbor is teaching her 4 year old French while you're just trying to get yours to stop eating his boogers...who cares?
There is too much self imposed scrutiny on moms to "have it all together" but Michelle wants to remind each and every mother that
they are awesome, amazing and wonderful, whether their cupcakes are homemade or not.

Consists of:
*Some standup
*Humorous storytelling
*Audience participation
*Optional handout

45 minutes

Emphasis on:
*Humor related to motherhood
*Self esteem
"Joy recovered"

Michelle's testimony regarding how she has overcome a childhood of sexual, emotional and physical abuse, the death of a child,
the estrangement and death of her mother, her absent father and Bipolar disorder. Michelle explains how with God, she was
able to rise from the ashes of her past and rather than being defined by it, turn it in to a way to help and testify to others.
Now, as a Christian wife, mother and nationally touring comedian and speaker, because of God, his faithfulness and His
blessings, she has never been happier and her joy has fully been recovered.

Consists of:
*Applicable scripture
*Optional handout

1 hour

Emphasis on:
*God's love